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We’re back from our winter break and ready to Spring to It!  Holidays are precious ` Thank you for your loyalty and continued support.


As our fur~kid family grows so too does our team.  I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Bella Selisher, our Senior Groomer, James our Bathroom Manager and Groomer, and Chloe and Ruby our Grooming Assistants.  I myself continue as Owner, Salon Manager, Head Groomer and Pack Leader.  I promise both I and my staff  will always give you the best good old~fashioned level of service and care that we too like to   receive.  We are currently reviewing our opening hours to include long day care from 8am to 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays.  Please see the attached Price and Services List and do not hesitate to let me know of any ways we can continue to serve you as we strive to improve our   service.


The days are getting longer, the trees are starting to break out in     blossom and the bulbs are starting to poke out through the soil.  Time to get rid of those long winter coats on our furry friends.  Save $10 when you book a “short and sweet” groom as part of our Early Spring Sale.  This offer has limited places and must end soon so please book early to avoid disappointment.


It’s also the time for fleas and intestinal parasites to reappear in full force, so make sure your dog is protected.  The best way is with a good quality flea tablet such as Bravecto and Sentinel which we stock in store.


Spring is the time when we and our dogs spend more time outdoors in the warm weather. 


Here's some of our spring safety tips to help you and your furry friend enjoy spring.


Spring is the time when we and our dogs spend more time outdoors in the warm weather.   Fleas and intestinal parasites reappear in full force, creating a potential health hazard for our fur~kids. When double coated dogs such as Golden Retrievers start shedding their winter coats, their humans start seeing fur everywhere in the home. Dogs with woolly coats need to go shorter.  As dogs spend more time outdoors in the warm weather and exercise their nutritional requirements change. The following spring safety tips for dogs will help you and your furry friend enjoy spring.

Spring Safety for Dogs: Tip #1

Spring is great time to maintain the grooming of your dog, with shedding coats and warmer weather we need to make sure the dog is comfortable and doesn’t have any matts from not being groomed in the colder months. Be sure to check yours dogs nails to see they are not overgrown and brush those long coats. They may need more regular grooming and bathing now they are outside more.

Spring Safety for Dogs: Tip #2

Fleas hibernate in the cold of winter, but come to life as things warm up in spring. Since fleas can cause a series of health complications, it’s important to treat your dog when spring starts.  Prevention is the best method with a reputable flea treatment.  Make it easy on yourself and get us to apply a treatment after a groom!

Spring Safety for Dogs: Tip #3

Spring is the season when most dogs pick up intestinal parasites. Tapeworms are contracted from fleas, when a dog licks the flea bites. Roundworms and hookworms are easily contracted as well, intestinal parasites are easy to contract. Luckily they are also easy to prevent. By placing your dog on worm prevention medication when spring starts, you can keep him healthy all season long.

Spring Safety for Dogs: Tip #4

Dogs are more active in the spring when the weather is mild and outdoor exercise is more enjoyable for dogs and owners alike. Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of fresh water, daily, you could also increase his daily portion of food in relation to increased energy requirements.

Spring Safety for Dogs: Tip #5

Spring is a good time to check your dog’s collar and name tag, ensure it fits well, is clean and the right details are on the tag. It can be a good idea to wash your dogs collar and lead or  just use anti-bacterial wipes on them every now and then as they can get sandy and salty at the beach.

Spring Safety for Dogs: Tip #6

If your dog spends time in a fenced yard when the weather is nice, be sure to check that the fence is fully secure with no gaps or wholes being dug under for those escapees.



Sue Palmer


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For full pricing and detailed services available please ask instore.  As a general indication our price guide is below.


Small Dog         (1kg-8kg) From $75
Medium Dog      (9kg-14kg) From $80
Large Dog         (15kg-40kg) $110
Extra Large Dog (41+kg) Please ask instore.


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About Doggies Day Out

Doggies Day Out is a Doggies Delight for Bentleigh Brighton and Bayside residents!

Doggies Day Out  provides expert personalised dog day care and dog grooming Bentleigh Brighton and Bayside areas by highly experienced and qualified Professional Dog Groomers in a fully equipped, friendly air conditioned boutique salon with a secure large outdoor play area.


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Doggies Day Out is the ultimate dog grooming salon in Bayside. Convenient, local, professional and fun!


Sue Palmer – Owner, Salon Manager and Head Pet Stylist

A Qualified Experienced Professional Dog Groomer and Breed Specialist Stylist, Sue has internationally recognised qualifications of distinction and a genuine love of dogs. And, with a family background working with animals, Sue’s instinctive ability and natural rapport with dogs is backed up by her impressive credentials.

Having trained in Melbourne with International Certified Master Groomers Melanie Newman and Nicky Renwood, she also holds a City and Guilds Licentiateship Diploma in Dog Grooming from the London Institute (LCGI) together with an International Model of Pet Grooming Distinction from International Professional Groomers, Inc., U.S.A.  As a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) which is the National peak pet industry body Sue adheres to a strict National Code of Practice.


Bella Selisher – Senior Pet Stylist

Bella is passionate about grooming and with a wealth of experience her kind manner and expert animal handling skills allows all dogs to relax and enjoy the experience.  A highly experienced Senior Groomer, Bella commenced her grooming career in 1997.  She combines her skills as a breed specialist stylist together with the modern Asian Fusion Pet grooms and is currently studying to have her skills formally recognised as an International Certified Master Groomer.

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